Hugo Rodriguez: Live Action Painting from CURVATURE

Benjaman Contemporary Gallery, Events

These beautiful works and several others which were created live during the dance concert at CURVATURE will be available for sale at Benjaman Gallery on Elmwood, beginning 4/18!

Hugo, originally from Mexico is now living and working in Buffalo, NY.  He categorizes his art as Abstract-Expressionist using pastels, oil-pastels, acrylics, watercolor and oils to create his beautiful works.
The artist blends rich pastels and other mixed-media to create abstract impressions which celebrate tangible expressions of art on a variety of surfaces from paper to wood and canvas.  Hugo has expanded his creative output to works that tell a story or represent historical events. Some newer works embody cultural representations or religious symbolism. These are intended to offer social commentary without expressing any obvious political statements.

“A good artist has less time than ideas.” -Martin Kippenberger

I feel a bit that way since beginning this new project! So many ideas for this new venture are coming to me that I barely have time to write them down. Sometimes I am in a situation where I lack the pen.

I am taking a serious poll to see how annoying I would be if I bought a small tape recorder and just started speaking into it.

I feel as though in addition to making me more productive, it could invoke a sort of nostalgia. Then again I might just become the crazy girl at Spot Coffee who is talking to herself.

“A good artist …

Benjaman Contemporary Gallery, Events




This past weekend marked our first pop up event, CURVATURE, a fusion of visual art and dance.

The gallery’s participation in the event was in part an announcement of our expansion into two new spaces, both of which will be located at the new art space opening inside the Richmond Ferry Church.

Within the church itself, Benjaman Gallery will establish a rotating satellite collection of their current modern inventory from the 19th and 20th century.  Behind the church, in a fantastic warehouse space,  Benjaman Gallery will open a high caliber contemporary gallery, which will feature the work of living artists working locally and beyond.  An architecture firm has been chosen, and renovations to both spaces will begin straight away.

The Hi Temp FAB gallery in downtown Buffalo was chosen to house CURVATURE.  Visitors to the unique collaborative exhibition were treated to over 50 works of original art, a 5 part dance concert, live painting by Hugo Rodriguez and a stunning video performance piece by Jim Bush.  The piece titled “be mused” was filmed inside the Richmond Ferry Church and featured The Buffalo Contact Improv Jam Group.

The art and dancing were curated to highlight the beauty and fluidity of the female form.   The paintings, drawings, photography and print work were hung chronologically beginning with 19th Century Art Nouveau and ending with the most recent paintings by legendary figural painter Bruce Adams.

The event was a HUGE success.  Despite delayed deliveries, bad weather and a bandits game which tied up parking, everything played out beyond our most hopeful expectations.  We had over 300 visitors to this amazing exhibition, sold several pieces of artwork, and increased awareness of the impressive dance community, which is growing in Buffalo.

Benjaman Gallery on Elmwood will remain a beacon for amazing modern works from the 19th and 20th centuries.

For more information about the new art space visit

Philippe Halsman JUMP!


Most people stiffen with self-consciousness when they pose for a photograph. Lighting and fine camera equipment are useless if the photographer cannot make them drop the mask, at least for a moment, so he can capture on his film their real, undistorted personality and character. – Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman created an energetic simplistic technique which he coined jumpology.  Halsman simply asked his subjects to release and surrender to the joys of jumping.  The results of jumpology were pure expressive pieces of art that beautifully reflected the inner personality of his subjects.  Halsman worked with  a wide range of celebrity personalities from Marilyn Monroe to Salvador Dalí.  The New York Times recently reviewed Philippe Halsman with great enthusiasm!

At our gallery we currently have several rare Philip Halsman silver gelatin prints, and one titled “Hugh Gaitskell Jumping” from his jumping series.  Please visit the link below to take a look at our “Jumpology” piece, and send us an Email or comment if you are interested in purchasing this energetic piece of art!

Times Review…Check it out!

Life in The Chelsea Hotel


Irene Zevon (1918-2006) was a prolific New York City Artist.  Her paintings hang in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, the Library of Congress,  the St. Louis Museum of Art, and many other public and private collections.  We currently have 80 pieces of her abstract expressionist and cubist paintings and prints on display and available for purchase. Please stop in or visit our website.  Enjoy the exhibit!